What Is The Difference Between Hard Shell And Soft Shell Lobsters?

Hard shell and soft shell lobsters are eaten the same way and are both delicious. There are some slight differences, so try one of each to see what your preference is!

Since our lobstermen bring in thousands and thousands of lobsters per day in the summer, we are able to be very picky about what gets offered to our restaurant customers. During soft shell season we spend a lot of time picking and choosing the hardest ones we have in order to give you a delicious lobster at an excellent price.

Hard Shell Soft Shell
Yield Since they haven’t shed yet this year, hard shell lobsters have reached capacity in their shells and are packed very full with tasty meat. Soft shells have recently traded their old cramped shell for a new one with growing room. That room fills with water, making the yield slightly less per pound. Try ordering a 1/2 pound bigger!
Taste Hard shells are delicious. Some people prefer these guys for their firm, dense texture. Lots of locals prefer a soft shell lobster. The extra water in their shells while they cook seems to marinate them a bit, making them a bit more tender.
Price Full to the brim with meat, hard shells cost more per pound than their softer counterparts. Since the yield is a bit less,¬†the cost is less per pound for soft shells. The lower price more than compensates for the extra water weight, especially since we take the time to pick the “hardest” of our soft shells to serve you.
Ease of Cracking Hard shells can be very tough to get into, but no water in the shells means less mess! We’ll crack the claws for you, and would LOVE to help if you get an extra tricky one! Soft shells have a new, thinner shell that is much easier to remove from your dinner. The extra water inside DOES make them a bit messier, but getting them open should be a breeze!