Lobster Stew 

As traditional as it comes. Our own fresh lobster stock makes this cream based stew rich and delicious. Nothing but flavor and lobster. Straight from the boat lobster, and lots of it.

Chowder of the Day 

We rotate our chowders to make sure you get to try them all! Crab and Corn, Fish, and Scallop are our regulars! Ask us what's available today!


You've had enough seafood? IMPOSSIBLE! Well, if you're sure... our homemade chili is hearty and just a hint spicy.  You'll love it!




Garden Salad  

Mixed greens and veggies. Dressings available: Balsamic, Italian, Ranch, Bleu Cheese

Lobster or Crab Salad

Our garden salad gets the royal treatment with a large serving of freshly picked lobster or crab meat.

Grilled Chicken Salad

Make your salad a meal with marinated, grilled chicken breast.