Lobster by the Pound

Straight from the sea to your plate, this is the freshest you’ll find. These guys were in the ocean when you woke up this morning!

Sold in three different size categories, and priced

PER POUND, all of our lobsters are served with as

much drawn butter as you like.


Chicks – up to 1.39 pounds

Halves – 1.40 to 1.79 pounds

Selects – 1.80 pounds and up


Hard Shell Lobster:
Hard shell lobsters have not yet shed their shells this year. Typically available until sometime in late June or early July, hard shells are delicious and packed full with meat.

Soft Shell Lobster:
Soft shell lobsters, or shedders, have recently shed their shells to grow. Typically available starting in the middle of June, shedders contain a bit less meat per pound than hard ones, but the meat tends to be sweeter and more tender. Given the choice, most locals (including the owners here) would go with a soft shell.